Are you affected or know someone affected by COVID-19?

We can help! 

Garnsychan Partnership are currently providing vital front line services to those in our community who are affected by COVID-19, the elderly and the most vulnerable.

We are providing immediate support to residents affected by Covid-19 either through shielding, isolation or simply having to stay home with their children.


Garnsychan Partnership covid support hub was created collaboratively with our Board of Directors. The idea was born following the impact of the recent global pandemic when it became clear how many people in our Community required support and assistance but were unaware of where to seek help. In order to simplify the process, we created a one-stop platform where people can find the help and support, they need from a single trusted source.


As a front-line leading Charity in the North of Torfaen, we have seen first-hand how quickly the Covid Crisis can cause someone’s situation to change and we have helped many people who never thought they would struggle financially before the crisis appeared.

Garnsychan provide a service to support those people that may need an emergency food package (dependent on circumstance a bespoke shopping service). We provide a completely anonymous delivery service which looks like your friend has done their shopping. So, for those, who are struggling for food, isolating, or simply waiting for the next source of income residents reach out to us and we deliver essential items directly to their door.

To access our community foodbank please contact us on 01495 774453 / 01495 793187 or inbox us on our Facebook page @garnsychanHQ.



Garnsychan Partnership launched the friendly wellbeing calls – Community Buddy scheme in June 2020. It is virtual company telephone service for those shielding, isolating or otherwise that live alone and simply want some company.
Garnsychan Partnership simply act as a friendly neighbour (namely senior and elderly) by ‘checking in’ on their wellbeing and needs of residents but mostly providing some friendly company once or twice week. Community Buddies is a companion and safe contact for our residents that builds friendship and trust.

If you or someone you know is missing the joy of regular conversation, Garnsychan Partnership are here to help. 

We offer free telephone friendship services so residents can enjoy chatting with someone over the phone, all from the comfort of their own home. 

Whether you would like to speak to someone every week, or just want to talk when the need strikes, we’re here to help. You can sign up for regular telephone calls by contacting us on 01494 774453.



Garnsychan are working alongside local pharmacies to assist with their demand for deliveries of prescriptions in our community. During the pandemic we safely and securely delivered over 3000 prescriptions to residents. 


If you are isolating and in need of a prescription, whether it be dropped at the pharmacy to be processed, collected, and then need it delivered then please contact us and we will deliver straight to your door for free.
We are here for you! Contact us and book for your prescription collection delivery today. 


Do you need help with a prescription, a food parcel or simply a friendly phone call?
Call us now on

01495 774453 

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