Community Roots

Our Health Improvement projects are aimed at reducing health inequalities and strengthening community bonds all of which are facilitated through our lunch club and the community roots activities.


Garnsychan Partnership works with local groups, food stores and communities within North Torfaen to assist residents to adopt a healthier lifestyle by enabling access to affordable produce, facilitating classes in growing and nutrition in our community roots garden to support long term sustainable health outcomes.


Our project continues to provide a valuable service to the local community we grow fresh produce which is cultivated in our very own kitchen garden. Not only does this allow us to provide fresh, low cost produce it also means that we reduce food miles and allows us to provide opportunities for volunteers to gain skills and experience in horticulture. Growing our very own produce also means we can provide varieties that people may not have come across before! At our base, we have a fully equipped training kitchen which is used for cookery classes, making the best of our produce in the summer months and providing valuable skills to residents.

In addition, we have established a partnership working with Tesco and Fareshare to collaboratively deliver a community food connection project which will see us support residents and community groups in Torfaen with access to surplus food that they can use to help them make meals.